Montag, März 29, 2010

The reality of my natural hair

I attempted to straighten my uneven as hell hair but was not really impressed. I  know I have to give it time to grow but I am becoming impatient.
I have had a few weaves since my bc and the last one made me realize I liked my hair relaxed better.
I get bored easily-I may have ADD-LOL the whole natural thing is getting a bit old. I am kinda tired the whole elitism that some of us as natural put off and I am tired of detangling my damn hair-lol
I feel as though my hair is becoming a task and I just do not like it. I do not like the large amount of money I have spent on products, nor am I feeling the Don King looking twist outs anymore:)
I will be relaxing in the summer, sometime around my 1 year anniversary. It would be dumb to do it now because I do not have any hair and I would have to get it cut into a style to have it look good.
I remember listening to India Arie I am not my hair and feeling the lyrics. When I big chopped I was like wow freedom. Then my hair began to grow and I started to become my hair again. 
I am continuing my healthy hair journey and may try to see how much my hair can grow but I am not promising to grow it long.
It is funny how you get embrace when you say your going natural but when you want to relax people who once supported you look at you like your beneath them.
I believe relaxed will be better for me because all of the cutting that I have done because of split ends will be put behind me. I have always been a daily hair washer so that was never the issue but having to do my hair everyday to look decent in my eye is just too damn time consuming.

Dienstag, März 16, 2010

I want my old body back!!!

This is me 2 years ago(just removed the stretch marks-LOL). I had already had both of my boys and was determined to get my old body back. I worked out almost everyday need it be a dvd, running or going to the gym. I felt good. I was happy! Fast forward 1 year! I moved to Florida got caught up in the fast food lifestyle and did not realize until ti was to late I was gaining weight.
So I move back to Germany. I hate my body and this time around I had no motivation what so ever so now I am walking around with all of this excess weight wishing there was a quick fix.
So I decided its time to work harder than I have in the past 2 months to get my old body back.
Sunday I went running for 30 minutes. Yesterdays I did yoga for 1.5 hours lift weights and ran for about 20 minutes. Today I am going running! I need to get that  motivation I use to have.
The one thing I know that contributed to my weight loss was my vegetarianism but I am not willing to give up meat this time:) I just need to make smarter choices!

Montag, März 15, 2010

I want this shirt!!!

I have been eyeing this shirt since day one on  the H&M website. I decided not to get it because I would not get it until may according to the shipping details. I was like oh thats too long!!!! Wrong answer!!!! 
Now the shirt is sold out and today I went on the site and found it in a size 16! I am a size 8 in tops so my dilema is should i wait to maybe find one a the H&M stores that I have searched plenty of times of should i buy this big ass size and get it tailored to my body. The shirt is only 9,95 and it get it taken in would not be more than 10 euros I am sure so that 20 bucks. I think it might be worth it-hmmmmm I could buy it and still look around.If i find one before may I could give it to my sister who is a size 16. Decisions, decisions:( 
Okay I have convinced myself to buy it-LOL
Update:: I went back on the site and there was one in a size 10 available!!!So you know I bought it!!!It wont be here until the end of May:(  I guess its not that bad, it will come in time for the good weather so I will not have to cover it up with a jacket.
Persistence pays off!!!

Happy Monday!!!

Unlike most people who dread the beginning of the the week, I love Mondays. To me Mondays represent freedom, Sanity and new adventures:)
How is this possible you may ask? Well after having both of my active boys at home, my sometimes overbearing husband asking me rhetorical questions the entire weekend and no time to myself unless I am in the bathroom or at the gym; I have discovered Mondays have become my Fridays.
All in all I had a good weekend. My birthday was fine and I can not believe I am 31. I remember when my mom turned 31! I am trying to get the best body ever this year. I know if I do not achieve it this year I never will so thats enough motivation for me!
I am going to Yoga in about an hour. I love yoga but I had about a 1 year break and it has never been the same as it was before. I just can not get my body to do the things it once found easy.
Happy Monday to everyone and I hope this week brings you lots of sunshine:)

Donnerstag, März 11, 2010

Outfit of the day

I decided since the weather is not playing fair, why not enjoy it and wear something warm and cosy. I love menswear inspired looks so this is my go at it. 
I put together a plain black turtle neck with a brown blazer some trouser jeans and  I am still at loss at which shoes I will wear. I have these ankle boots I have never worn and its been almost a year since I have had them or my suede brown loafers.Added my shades and scarf and thats it.
Today is just a day with my oldest son decided to keep him home since he has a dr appt today. 

Mittwoch, März 10, 2010

It is just too cold!!!

This is my city  park in the summer

So its March! How could I have thought that nice weather we had a few weeks back, would continue and we would have an early spring? I am so upset!!

I love all seasons but, usually when they just start:) In the winter I enjoy the first month or so. I love the first snowfall, the first really cold day that you have to put on your heavy Jacket, bypass everything else then there is Christmas, New Years and all the birthdays in my house and then I am ready for spring.

I love early springs. I enjoy the rain, the birds singing, the first blossoms on the trees, shoot I love to see the first buds.
Summer I enjoy being able to be free not jacket, no sweater. I love late sunshine. Eating outside  in the city. The nice cold wind at just the right time-AHHH just the thought. Then of course, I love fall just for the Fashion! The new wardrobe that includes all things chunky, thick and black!!!

So where was I? I wrote this all to say I want spring.... Now!  Snow is March is so UNCOOL!

Freitag, März 05, 2010

My blowout!!

I decided to take my weave out because my scalp was not reacting well to it. So here is a video update with me sporting my blowout:)

Mittwoch, März 03, 2010

If you procrastinate a lot.....

and you have been thinking about taking classes online, DON'T DO IT!!! LOL

I have been taking classes online for a year straight and I swear between being a mommy, wife, foodist, shopaholic, beer drinker, cook, housekeeper, army reservist, photographer and the list goes on I really am not remotely interesting in doing homework.Oh, did I include youtube junky, new blogger, Magazine lover and expat group organizer-Ugh I am tired just thinking of it all.
Vent over back to my homework;)

Dienstag, März 02, 2010

Natural hair update

6 months ago

So I totally forgot yesterday was 7 months since I chopped all of my hair off and went natural. I am so happy that I took this path because it has changed me in so many ways. I am definitely enjoying this weave as my protective style but it feels good to know my hair is going to grow stronger and not take any abuse from me. The best part is not having to worry about new growth and relaxing it after I remove it.

I will not say being natural is easy. It takes way longer for me to do my natural hair than it ever did when I was relaxed.
I definitely spent alllllllllllloooooooooootttttttttt of money on products in such a short amount of time.

Some of the pros are not having to clean up all those darn broken hairs from my sink.
No more crunchy sound from when I over process it and being more aware of what I do to it.
I loved color but after my color 6 months ago I am not to found anymore because it dried my hair out and damaged it so I had to cut all of those ends off plus more.

I love my hair and can not wait for it to grow big and beautiful!

Montag, März 01, 2010

Surprise, Surprise!!!

So my husband comes home and he is telling me how nice I look today. I am like whatever-(he was acting like an asshole this weekend!!!) I did not say it just thought it. So then he comes around the corner with a big brown bag with the familiar words Louis Vuitton .I wanted this bag for a while but then I decided hmm maybe I will just stick with cheaper bags-that is if I am buying them myself.
Here is my new bag!!

My neutral night out look

So I have a new video camera and I thought why not try to make some tutorials for make-up. I know not everyone is into the colorful or dramatic looks so I decided to share my neutral going out look.

Outfit of the day

Today was a typical day for me. Wake up run errands think about completing my college homework and then realizing time is running away and my kids will be home soon-LOL
So this is my outfit of the day nothing too spectacular, very casual and me.